Steps to get a good business partner

Reaching specific or stable agreements with other companies – turning them into good travel companions – can have great advantages, such as accessing more customers, increasing distribution channels, saving costs, sharing marketing resources, etc. But finding good friends that suits you and getting to sign a good collaboration agreement with him is not always easy. So to find good business partners you need to keep in mind some important premises:

  1. Pose an objective In the first place

You must think about what your objective is, allying yourself with the potential new partner, what you are looking for, what you need from him and what he could provide you. And, logically, you must also determine what you could contribute to him in return. Once this point is reached, it is convenient to specify in writing what proposal you are willing to put on the table and what you will ask in return for our interlocutor.

  1. Find the best partner

Once you have defined what you want to receive and what you are willing to give, it is time to start looking for the ideal partner, one who can meet our needs and who, in turn, may be interested in our proposal. To find it, nothing better than a detailed study of the situation of the sector and the companies that operate in it. Their results will allow refining in the previous selection of candidates and in the final election of a small group of them, which will be established in order of preference.

  1. Determine the scenario

If possible, it is better that you meet with the possible new partner in your company. In addition to playing in your own field, it will give us the opportunity to teach our strengths and potentials first-hand. Of course, the punctuality must be British and you will not wait too long for your visitor in the waiting room.

  1. Negotiate correctly

Caring for gestures and language is essential. It is good to look into the eyes and be persuasive, using a firm tone but not aggressive, and always be consistent with what is being said, with the data provided, with the concessions that are made and with the commitments that are made. Being empathetic and finding a balance between the rational and the emotional has great advantages.

  1. Distinguish the important from the accessory

In every business meeting there are crucial aspects and accessory elements. You have to know how to separate them clearly and do not forget that the first ones must prevail at all times, although the seconds sometimes contain emotional and irrational ingredients that can ruin any negotiation.

  1. Establish a lasting relationship

Although the agreement is punctual in time or is limited to a certain topic, you should never downplay it. You must treat the issue as the beginning of an interesting and fruitful relationship that will serve to strengthen ties between both parties.


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